The minivan, from its inception, has been top tier people and cargo mover. The 2023 Toyota Sienna is one of the most revered options on the market, and is well-equipped to take on both passengers and gear. How much exactly can the 2023 Toyota Sienna take on in regards to storage size? Follow along as we break down the Sienna’s cargo capacity specs, convenient seating layout and helpful tech features. Our team at James Toyota is more than happy to showcase all the 2023 Toyota Sienna can store for you.

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Cargo Capacity

If you’re looking for the exact storage specifications for the cargo capacity of the 2023 Sienna, you’ve come to the right place. Behind the first, second and third row seats exists a large amount of space for all of your cargo, able to meet any combination of passengers and gear onboard. View our handy chart to see how much the Sienna can take on, and plan your next trip with all of your gear safely being able to be brought along in tow.

Interior Cargo Capacity Specifications 2023 Toyota Sienna
Maximum Cargo Capacity Behind Front Seats (L/cu-ft) 2,860 / 101.0
Maximum Cargo Capacity Behind 2nd Seats (L/cu-ft) 2,129 / 75.2
Maximum Cargo Capacity Behind 3rd Seats (L/cu-ft) 949 / 33.5

Seating Versatility

From not only gathering your gear inside, to simply loading it onboard, the versatility of the Sienna’s seating, from the first row to the rear, adjusts to meet your demands. The 8-way power adjustable driver seat and 4-way power adjustable front passenger seat (on XLE, XSE and Limited trims) easily adjust for comfort for those sitting in them, as well as for more onboard space. The 2nd row seats on the XSE and Limited models have long-slider Captain’s Chairs for convenient entry and available space, while the Limited AWD model has ottomans built-in that improve comfort and convenience.


Technology Feature Assistance

It’s one thing to have the generous storage space that the 2023 Toyota Sienna does, but it’s an entirely other thing to make it even more convenient for loading/unloading with multiple advanced features. If you have your hands full of the kids’ belongings, groceries, luggage or gear for your next road trip, all you have to do is wave your foot underneath the sliding doors or power rear door for easy opening without use of your hands. This Kick Sensor Sliding Door & Power Rear Door make opening up that storage space in your Sienna as easy as can be.

Does all of that storage space meet your demands? If so, and you want the 2023 Toyota Sienna to be your next vehicle, our team at James Toyota can make it a reality. Contact our team for any more questions you may have on the minivan, or just to get started finding the right trim level for you and your family.