How Fast is the 2024 Toyota GR Supra?


2024 Toyota GR Supra Performance Capabilities in Timmins, ON

The 2024 Toyota GR Supra is the modern incarnation of the brand’s iconic Supra two-door sports coupe. A product of the racing-fanatics at Toyota’s Gazoo Racing, the GR Supra delivers pure driving enjoyment with its two high-output engines, available manual transmission and impressive 50:50 weight distribution. Continue reading below as our team of Toyota experts at James Toyota, explore the performance capabilities of the 2024 Toyota GR Supra models, currently available for sale at our Timmins, ON showroom.

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2023 Toyota GR Supra

Turbocharged Engine Options 

The 2024 Toyota GR Supra can be equipped with one of two available twin-scroll turbocharged engines. Under the hood of the entry-level 2.0 model is a 2.0-litre, inline four-cylinder that generates 255 horsepower, 285 lb-ft of torque, and posts a 0-100 km.h acceleration time of 5.2 seconds. Drivers who opt for the 3.0T MT & 3.0 models will receive a 3.0-litre, inline six-cylinder engine that produces 382 horsepower, 368 lb-ft of torque and sheds the 0-100 km/h time to an impressive 4.4 seconds! Regardless of which model you choose, all GR Supra models come from the factory with rear-wheel drive layout for maximum driving enjoyment. 



Engine 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo Inline 4-Cylinder 3.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo Inline 6-Cylinder
Horsepower 255 382
Torque (lb-ft) 295 368
Transmission  8-Speed Automatic Only 6-Speed Manual or 8-Speed Automatic
Acceleration Time (0-100 km/h) (s) 5.3 4.4
Model Availability GR Supra 2.0 GR Supra 3.0T MT & 

Supra 3.0

Intelligent 6-Speed Manual Transmission (IMT)

Designed specifically for drivers who find satisfaction in rowing their own gears, the Toyota GR Supra’s all-new manual transmission has been engineered to deliver precise gear changes at lightning fast speeds. Specially tuned to handle the power and torque generated by the 3.0L turbocharged straight-six engine, this transmission features a large diameter clutch with a reinforced diaphragm spring.

2023 Toyota GR Supra

Standard Performance Features Include:

  • Launch Control
  • 18-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Multi-link Rear Suspension
  • Brembo® Brake System
  • 50:50 Weight Distribution
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust Tips

Interested in getting behind the wheel of a 2023 Toyota GR Supra and experiencing its impressive performance capabilities for yourself? Get in touch with us and visit our Timmins, Ontario showroom at 1234 Riverside Drive. James Toyota is your local Toyota dealership, proudly serving the Timmins and surrounding Northeastern Ontario region. Stop by our store and speak with one of our Toyota professionals about the 2023 Toyota GR Supra.