2024 Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra Cab & Bed Sizes at James Toyota

Available in a handful of cab and bed sizes, the redesigned 2024 Toyota Tundra offers pickup truck owners a variety of different configurations to choose from. From the Long Bed Double Cab 4x2 variants to the Standard Bed CrewMax 4x4 models, there’s sure to be a 2024 Tundra configuration that suits your pickup truck needs. Continue reading below as our team here at James Toyota discusses the different available cab and bed sizes of the 2024 Toyota Tundra.

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Cab Configurations


Double Cab

Double Cab variants of the 2024 Toyota Tundra feature two full-size front doors and two half-size rear doors. Front seat passengers can enjoy all the comforts of the Tundra, while rear seat occupants will have slightly less passenger room compared to the CrewMax Cab models. For owners interested in a Tundra with an 8-foot, 1-inch (2,469 mm) truck bed, the Double Cab SR and SR5 models are the only variant that can be equipped with this Long Bed.  

Available configurations include:

  • Double Cab, Standard Bed  
  • Double Cab, Long Bed (SR & SR5 Only)
2024 Toyota Tundra

CrewMax Cab

CrewMax variants of the 2024 Toyota Tundra come equipped with two full-size front & rear doors. Pickup truck owners looking to maximize their interior storage space and passenger seating capabilities will gravitate towards this larger cab size. Mated to the available Standard Bed and Short Bed options, 2024 Tundra CrewMax Cab variants offer a solid combination of passenger comfort and pickup truck utility.

Available configurations include:

  • CrewMax Cab, Regular Bed 
  • CrewMax Cab, Standard (L) Bed
2024 Toyota Tundra

Cargo Bed Configurations


Regular Bed 

The majority of 2024 Toyota Tundra models come fitted with the Regular Bed length option. Constructed using a high-strength Sheet-Molded Compound (SMC), this 5-foot, 5-inch (1,676 mm) rear cargo bed offers enhanced protection against dents, dings and rust.  

Model Availability: 

  • Double Cab SR
  • Double Cab SR 4x2 Regular Bed 
  • Double Cab Limited 
  • CrewMax SR
  • CrewMax Limited
  • CrewMax Platinum
2024 Toyota Tundra

Standard Bed (L)

Featuring the same high-strength Sheet-Molded Compound (SMC) architecture as the Regular Bed Tundra variants, Standard Bed (L) models are 6-foot, 5-inch (1,981 mm) in length, offering an additional foot (305 mm) in length compared to their Regular Bed counterparts. 

Model Availability: 

  • CrewMax SR5 L
  • CrewMax Limited L
  • CrewMax Platinum L
  • CrewMax Limited L Hybrid
2024 Toyota Tundra

Long Bed 

Exclusively available on Double Cab Tundra variants, this 8-foot, 1-inch (2,469 mm) cargo bed offers the most amount of pickup truck utility out of any 2024 Tundra model. 

Model Availability: 

  • Double Cab SR 4x2 Regular Bed 
  • Double Cab SR5 L
2024 Toyota Tundra

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