5 Tips to Get Your Toyota Ready for Winter

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5 Tips to Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready in Timmins, ON

With the leaves changing colours and the cold weather slowly setting in, Canadian drivers know that these are signs that winter is just around the corner. As informed and proactive Toyota owners, it pays to get a head start in preparing your vehicle for the winter driving season. Continue reading below as our team here at James Toyota has compiled a list of five things you can do to get your Toyota ready for the winter.

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Safe Winter Driving Tips

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1. Change your tires early

Don’t get caught up in the trap of waiting until the first snowfall to swap your all-seasons to your winter tires. Stay ahead of the curve and contact our service department to book your tire change service and beat the first snowfall rush!

2. Check and top up your fluids

Before the cold weather sets in, it pays to ensure that your Toyota’s fluids are up to factory standards to avoid headaches down the road. These include changing the oil if necessary, checking for coolant leaks, and ensuring that the brake and transmission fluids are at optimal levels. Read about our available services here.

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3. Inspect and lubricate your door locks, latches & hinges

Make sure to inspect and lubricate your Toyota’s door locks, hinges and anything else that can freeze over before the cold weather begins. Fluctuations in the outside and cabin temperature can have adverse effects on these well-used moving parts.

4. Inspect your climate control system 

Winter weather is no joke, especially in Timmins and Northern Ontario. The last thing you want is for your Toyota’s heating system to malfunction during the dead of winter. Ensure that your climate control, heated seats and/or heated steering wheel all work as intended before the cold fully sets in. If you’re unsure, bring your Toyota to our service department and have one of our Toyota-trained technicians inspect your vehicle for you.

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5. Check your wiper blades & washer fluid

Clearly seeing the road ahead is vital for safe winter driving. That’s why you need to inspect your wiper blades and ensure that your washer fluid levels are topped up. If your wiper blades leave streaks on your windshield, visit our parts counter for a replacement and enjoy complimentary installation.

By following these tips, you'll not only enhance your safety but also prolong the life and performance of your Toyota during the cold months. Book your service appointment with us and get your vehicle winter ready. Visit our dealership at 1234 Riverside Drive in Timmins, ON and experience the James Toyota difference, today!