A damaged windshield

Vehicle windshields are built to withstand a large amount of stress and force. Even so, chips and cracks are always a possibility. Wondering what to do if your vehicle’s windshield has been damaged? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about windshield repair and replacement.

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Common Causes of Windshield Damage

Before addressing their windshield damage, drivers might be wondering: How did the damage even happen? Common causes of windshield damage include severe weather (such as high wind or hail), debris falling from trees, sudden changes in temperature, or road debris kicked up from a vehicle driving in front of you. To protect their vehicle, we encourage drivers to park in enclosed structures whenever possible, and to maintain a generous following distance when driving behind another vehicle.

Windshield damage

What Drivers Should Do When Their Windshield is Damaged

When vehicle owners notice their windshield has a crack or chip, it’s important for them to get the problem addressed in a timely manner. Because vehicles constantly vibrate while in operation, any cracks or chips present in the windshield will spread over time. Because of this, drivers should take their vehicle in to be looked at by a professional before the damage has a chance to grow in severity.

Will Your Windshield Damage Require a Replacement?

Drivers might be wondering if their windshield damage will necessitate a complete replacement of their windshield, which is more costly than windshield repair. An automotive service technician will be able to judge if the damage done to the windshield compromises the integrity of the glass. If the damage is minimal, then a repair should be possible. However, if the damage is deep, wide, impacts visibility, or has significantly weakened the glass, a full replacement will likely be required.

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