Popular Accessories for Your Toyota Vehicle

2022 Toyota Tacoma equipped with a bike-holding accessory

Looking to add even more functionality and convenience to your Toyota vehicle of choice? If so, equipping your vehicle with an official Toyota add-on or accessory might be right for you. Toyota offers a wide range of exciting accessories for their vehicles, allowing drivers to get even more out of their driving experience. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular accessories available for Toyota vehicles.

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Toyota COMFORT+ Accessories

Toyota COMFORT+ accessories, as their name suggests, help make your driving experience as pleasant as possible. This accessory line includes a battery trickle charger, which keeps the battery optimally charged even when the vehicle is parked for extended periods of time. Another popular COMFORT+ add-on is the Cabin Warmer, which keeps the vehicle’s cabin warm while the vehicle is turned off – no idling required!

Toyota COMFORT+ accessories

Toyota TRD Accessories

A line of TRD accessories is also available for modern Toyota vehicles. These TRD accessories emphasize sporty performance and appearance, providing your Toyota vehicle with racing-inspired style and handling. Notable TRD accessories available for Toyota models include a TRD shift knob, TRD performance air intake, TRD performance dual exhaust, and a TRD performance air filter.

Other Toyota Accessories

Many other Toyota accessories are available for Toyota vehicle owners to choose from. With the all-new Toyota Genuine Dash Cam, drivers can easily record footage of their travel, including audio and location data. Towing hitches are available as well, allowing drivers to easily connect their Toyota vehicle to a trailer.

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