Wheel Alignment & Balancing Service in Timmins, ON

Wheel Alignment & Balancing Service

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, from keeping up to date on oil changes and brake checks to making sure your tires are properly rotated. While these services all help maintain the efficiency of your vehicle, wheel alignment and balancing are just as important. This service could be key in increasing tire life while boosting handling performance for an overall smoother ride experience.

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What is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignments help keep all four wheels of your vehicle parallel to one another, as well as perpendicular to the ground. When done correctly, this ensures smooth handling, so you can enjoy every ride worry-free, not only on straight roads but also around corners. Plus, a wheel alignment helps equally distribute weight across each tire for maximum durability over time.

What Can Cause a Wheel Alignment Issue?

It could be due to a variety of factors such as potholes, curbs, or even normal wear and tear. If you’ve recently had suspension work completed on the car, keep in mind that it's essential to get an alignment check! Driving with improper wheel positioning can result in decreased fuel efficiency, tires wearing down quicker than usual and an overall uneasy ride. Stop by, today, for a professional assessment!

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What is Wheel Balancing?

Keeping your car's tires in balance is an essential step to ensure a comfortable, reliable ride. Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of each wheel and tire assembly is evenly distributed across all four wheels for maximum performance – preventing wobbling or vibration, which can damage the life expectancy of both tires and vehicles alike.

What’s the Difference Between Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to how your wheels sit when they are mounted to your vehicle, whereas wheel balancing is the process of correctly balancing the weight of a tire and wheel assembly so that it travels evenly.

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