Engine internals

Taking care of a vehicle’s engine is an important part of keeping in great shape. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect to take their vehicle in for routine maintenance, resulting in issues like a clogged engine air filter. Curious vehicle owners may want to know: When should a car’s engine air filter be replaced? To educate drivers about this service, we’ve broken down everything they need to know.

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What Is An Engine Air Filter?

Engine air filters, like the other filters found in your vehicle, prevent outside contaminants and debris from getting into your vehicle’s internal mechanical systems. In the case of the engine air filter, it protects the powertrain from unwanted dust and dirt. Because engines require steady airflow to run properly, this filter plays an important role in protecting the powertrain from harm.

Engine internals

What Happens When Engine Air Filters Get Dirty?

In the event an engine air filter becomes dirty or clogged, it will be less effective at protecting the engine from outside contaminants. In extreme cases, this can even result in mechanical damage, and shorten the lifespan of a vehicle’s engine.

Thankfully, it’s rare for engine air filters to become this dirty without first noticing a couple of warning signs. Notable symptoms of a clogged or dirty engine air filter include reduced fuel economy, reduced performance, smoke coming from the exhaust, an active check engine light, and unusual engine noises.

How Often Should Engine Air Filters Be Replaced?

Engine air filters and their recommended replacement intervals will vary by make and model. That said, most automotive technicians recommend drivers replace their engine air filter every 19,000 to 24,000 kilometres. This translates to about a year of vehicle usage for the average driver.

Replace Your Engine Air Filter at James Toyota

James Toyota can help drivers replace their old engine air filters. Interested in scheduling an appointment with the James Toyota team? Drivers can book an appointment right here online. Our dealership, located at 1234 Riverside Drive in Timmins, Ontario, is well-equipped to handle all sorts of automotive services.