Battery Service in Timmins, ON

Your vehicle’s battery supplies all the power it needs to ignite the engine, activate the headlights, and make use of other electronic features. However, every automotive battery will one day need to be serviced or replaced by a technician. Fortunately, drivers in the Timmins area can go to James Toyota for their battery service needs. Below, we’ve highlighted all the information drivers need to know about automotive battery service and replacement.


Why Do Car Batteries Go Bad? 

Like every type of battery, automotive batteries will inevitably corrode and lose its ability to hold a charge. Battery degradation occurs due to the expansion and contraction a battery experiences throughout its charge and discharge cycles. This causes the battery’s positive plate material to shed, resulting in the brown sediment that drivers can often find within their battery’s case.




How Often Do Car Batteries Need Replacement?  

Divers should expect to replace their car battery once every three to five years. A battery’s lifespan can be affected by several different factors, including vehicle usage, environmental conditions, and electric accessory usage. Older car batteries can be unreliable and prone to issues, which is why many automotive maintenance experts suggest drivers replace a battery after seven years of use, even if it isn’t yet showing any signs of failure.




Avoiding Premature Battery Death   

Driving habits and vehicle maintenance can also have an impact on a car battery’s lifespan. Idling with the headlights or air conditioning on, leaving electronics plugged in, and taking your vehicle on an excessive amount of short trips can all result in premature battery death. Similarly, drivers who plan on putting their car in storage for an extended period of time should equip it with a battery tender to ensure the battery doesn’t lose its charge.




Signs of a Failing Car Battery 

● The engine starts slower than usual
● The vehicle’s headlights are dimmer than normal
● The vehicle’s interior electronic features aren’t functioning properly
● The car battery has visible signs of corrosion
● The car battery emits a sulfuric odor while in use
● The case of the car battery is bulging



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