Tire Change Service in Timmins, ON

Tire Change Service at James Toyota

Having the right tires on your Toyota can make all the difference in terms of safety, performance, and overall driving experience. Whether it’s a set of winter tires for Sudbury’s snow and ice-covered roads, or a set of all-season tires to reliably take you on your summer road trips around the region, our team here at James Toyota can help you find the ideal tires for your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the comprehensive tire change service so that we offer and drive with peace of mind knowing that your Toyota has the right type of tire for your unique driving needs.

Seasonal Tire Swaps

Whether it’s swapping your all-season tires for your winter tires, all-season tires for summer performance tires, all-terrain tires to winter tires and everything in between, our service team here at James Toyota is well equipped to help you with your tire change needs. Regardless of your situation, make sure to beat the seasonal tire swap rush during the spring and the fall and book your tire change service early. By doing so, you’re staying ahead of the curve and avoiding the potential headaches of being unprepared for the seasonal road condition changes.




Toyota-Certified Technicians

By opting to perform your tire change service at James Toyota, you can drive with confidence knowing that our service technicians have undergone extensive training that adheres to the standards set by Toyota Canada. At James Toyota, we know your vehicle inside and out, so bring it back home to our service center and know that it’s in good hands.




Selecting your Toyota Tires

Tire Change Service in Timmins, ON

Summer Tires

With soft rubber compounds, a low profile and sporty appearance, most Summer Tires are designed for: Sharp steering response and firm grip on dry pavement Gripping the road Firm ride quality Shedding water to avoid hydroplaning
Tire Change Service in Timmins, ON

All Season Tires

Most Toyota vehicles are equipped with “All Season” original equipment tires. They’re designed for: Good, nimble performance in a wide variety of conditions Long tread life Ride comfort and a quiet ride Low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency
Tire Change Service in Timmins, ON

Light Truck Tires

Toyota Trucks and SUVs may be equipped with Light Truck original equipment tires. They’re designed for: On-road handling and comfort Off-road traction High-level performance All-weather, all purpose
Tire Change Service in Timmins, ON

Winter Tires

Winter Tires are designed to perform optimally in both snowy conditions and cold temperatures, providing the performance and safety you expect. In fact, they’re recommended as soon as average daily temperatures drop below 7°C. For passenger vehicles, they are legally required on some BC highways after October 1st and in Quebec between December 1st and March 15th. Installing four tires is recommended. We make switching tires easier by using steel or aluminum rims. Many Toyota Dealers offer Tire Storage

Schedule a Tire Change Service at James Toyota

When it comes time for you to swap your Toyota’s tires, trust our factory-certified technicians here at James Toyota to take utmost care of your vehicle. Book your tire change appointment using our simple and intuitive service scheduling tool below and we’ll get your Toyota serviced as soon as possible.